New 300L Full Draining Tank

New for 2020, A 300L full draining tank with a sump to fit in Utility Vehicles and other narrow applications.

Universal Tanks

A large range of rectangular poly tanks that have 1000's of uses. For example Caravan, Campers, 4WD, Utes, Buses, Boats and lots more.

New Frameless Fire Fighting Units

Rota Moulding produce a complete range of fire fighting units to suit many applications.

Cartage Tanks

4000L, 6000L and 8000L Flat bottom cartage tanks ideal for water and liquid fertiliser.

About Rota Moulding

Rota Moulding is an innovative moulding company in Perth, WA. One of the first companies to introduce rotationally moulded process into Western Australia. Over the years, attention to our customers exacting needs has seen the business grow to become the trusted name in the Agricultural and Industrial sectors.

At Rota Moulding, we’re confident of our ability to produce innovative solutions for our customers. Over 30 years of practical experience, and a commitment to quality and value, go into every product that we design, develop and manufacture. Rota Moulding go to great lengths to ensure our moulded products are as safe and as reliable as we can possibly make them.

Rota Moulding is a family owned business that develops and manufactures in Western Australia. All the raw material and many of the ancillary components are sourced from Australia manufactures. Rota Moulding has a vast range of propriety product from boats to boom spray tanks. The catalogue continues to grow weekly. One of Rota Moulding other specialities is moulding customers own products, having an extensive mould making facility. Rota Moulding can guide the customer through the whole process from an idea to reality.


Since 1986, Rota
Moulding are WA's true
poly manufacturer that
has stood the test of time.

Rota-MMountain Biking

Rota Moulding supporting the community through MTB event support.


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incredibly low price.
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