Rota Moulding is a proud Western Australian business, operating out of their Midvale workshop.

With 14 dedicated staff, Rota Moulding has become a leader in Rotational Moulding supplying private, public and government organisations Australia wide with much-needed polyethalene products.

Early Beginnings

Rota Moulding was founded in 1985 by Brian Flanagan. Brian was soon joined by his son Wayne who has successfully led the company to where it is today. Being one of the first in Western Australia to provide rotational moulding services, it made sense to call the business Rota Moulding.

Part of the WA Community

Rota Moulding gives back with the sponsorship of riders and clubs involved in all forms of cycling. For more than 10 years, Rota Moulding has donated products including water tanks to supply riders with drinking water out on the road or track. Rota Moulding equipment is donated to help with the building and refurbishing of new trails and for watering down tracks.

Rota Moulding has also supported the Starlight Children’s Foundation for over 10 years. The foundation does fantastic work to help brighten the lives of WA’s sick children.

Caring for the Environment

Rota Moulding is committed to being a socially responsible organisation. Rota Moulding is committed to caring for the environment and put in place a recycling program to ensure products don’t end up in landfill. The average product Rota Moulding manufactures has a long useful life of 25+ years. But Rota Moulding ensures any product that isn’t used is recycled. All waste product from trimming and cutouts are sent to a recycler in W.A. Being a high grade, clean, unused product, it’s ideal for recycling so we ensure nothing is wasted.