1000L Cone Bottom Tank

$1,089.00 — $1,661.00

Ideal for mixing or batching solutions, the conical bottom offers complete drainage.  As used for fertigation, the making of Bio-Diesel, ideal tank for dosing and pre-mixing of Spray Chemical (liquid and granular) prior to filling sprayer.  Also can be used for brewing , commercial and industrial applications

Key Benefits

  • Tanks are fully calibrated
  • 100% Total drainage
  • Natural in colour
  • Mounting bolts
  • Quality breathable lid  – completely open top with no lid or cover
  • All the tanks are made from food grade material
  • The cone bottom tanks are all suitable for other uses besides liquids
  • Most of the cone bottom tanks have no outlet, this allows you to fit the required size fitting (anti-vortex) to the tanks for complete drainage.
  • Optional stand available here

Please ring Troy for more information on setting up a mixing system

CodeSP1000CB - SP1000CBO
Description1000 Litre Cone Bottom Tank
Dry Weight50kg
Height1094mm with Lid 900mm - Open top
Width / Diam1500mm
Lid Size455mm Lid - Sealed or Vented or Completely open top
OutletsBlank, Skin Fitting or Anti-Vortex required

Download PDF drawing here