100L Foam Marker - Injection Tank


Designed for agricultural foam marker systems. These tanks are also used in the marine, mining and industrial sectors as a sealed tank that can be pressurized up to 15psi.

Also now with the increased use of liquid fertiliser, the tanks are being used for injection of dressing and surfactants.


  • Storage in labs
  • Water storage/header tank for pressure cleaners
  • Water storage for a mobile coffee van

The 30lt  is commonly used for a eye wash or fresh water tank.

Key Benefits

  • Threaded outlets (BSP female) on top to accommodate filling and gauges
  • Sump for complete drainage with a 1″ and 1/2″ Threaded (BSP female) outlet on either side
  • Natural in colour for easy level identification
  • Marked graduations on all Tanks
  • 4 x 8mm mounting bolt supplied
  • Heavy Duty polyethylene construction
  • 75mm o-ring sealed cap

Click here to download a brochure on these tanks. Click here to download the mounting instruction sheet.