300L Storage / Rain Water Tank

$429.00 — $451.00

  • High Grade Polyethylene 11UV
  • Tanks are made with drinking water standard (AS4020) material as standard
  • Flat walled tanks for greater versatility
  • One piece rotationally moulded construction
  • Available in mist green, merino, black and natural colours
  • Outlets and Inlets – All atorage tanks have various outlets and inlets, Please contact Rota Moulding with specific requirements
  • Lids can be fitted as required
  • These tanks can be welded by a plastic fabricator to suit industrial applications

The 300lt is available in 3 different sizes and shown in the dimensions below

Description300Lt Storage Tank
Dry Weight15kg
HeightRW300-1320 ,1320mm
RW300-985, 985mm
RW300-510, 510mm
Width / DiamRW300-1320, 580mm
RW300-985, 680mm
RW300-510, 1200mm
Lid SizeAs required
OutletsAs Required