4.6m Centre Console

$13,387.00 — $21,500.00

4.6mt Centre Console Plaka

The flagship of the Plaka boat range, the centre console is the boat for any situation
Here is an example of uses the Plaka is being put to by their owners
Yacht club rescue boat, cray fishing, diving, fishing, commercial work tender, offshore fishing, ski boat, crabbing……..  The Plaka is so versatile the list could go on and on.
While the boat was designed around practicality not looks, The boats are well finished and will give the operator years of trouble free service. While Polyethylene (Plastic) boats are a relative new concept in boat building there are many advantages to a Plaka boat.

  • High impact resistant material- extremely difficult to damage
  • Soft and quiet ride no more jarring in rough condition
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Flotation that exceeds all test – the hull is filled of close cell polyurethane foam, even fully swamped the boat can still be driven
  • Softer material that fiberglass or aluminum  more forgiving in unexpected incidents
  • Stability – like all pontoon style of boats the Plaka is no exception it stability is its biggest advantage providing a safe platform in unsafe waters 
  • The unique keel (or entry) is the Plaka’s advantage. Tracks and rides better in rough conditions and makes turning the boat very responsive.
  • Material: Polyethylene 9110
  • Length: 4.6mt
  • Length Internal: 3.8mt
  • Beam external: 2.0mt
  • Beam Internal: 1.51mt
  • Freeboard: 410mm
  • Dead rise: 24deg
  • Weight of Hull: 250kg only  –  Fitted with console, steering bow rail etc: 310kg  excluding Motor
  • Transom: 4mm Aluminum
  • Bolts: T316 Stainless Steel
  • Screws: T304 Stainless Steel
  • Floor:12mm CD exterior plywood
  • Recommended motor size: 30-60hp
  • Speed: 23knots 40hp @ 4700rpm
  •           30 knots 60hp @ 5500rpm

Standard Fit out  
Front storage Seat/Box 70lt (insert available)      
Stainless Steel bow rail
Centre console including steering and hand rail
Hatch in console for storage of 130lt
Carpeted floor
Drive on Trailer that is custom made for the boat
Rear Seat and Anchor Well are now standard