5000L Full Draining / Spray Tank

500lt cartage tank with sump


Rota Moulding are a pioneer in poly cartage tanks.
These tanks have been out working for over 25 years now and are
still in use. Applications include; Spray tanks for Agriculture, Fire
Fighting, Mining water supply, civil constructions, pressure cleaning,
drinking water cartage, offshore applications.Quality one
piece polyethylene tanks made from the highest quality material

•Full Draining sump in all tanks
•Natural in colour with full calibration
•Vented Lid and splash ring
•Various threads moulded in the tanks for return and agitation
•Pin mounting 5000lt and below
•All tanks rated to liquid with an SG 1.4

This is the largest of the pin style mount in the sump tank range.

This tank has been used as the main boomspray tank for many years by OEM’s. The plastic feet on it are temporary transport feet only.

Click here for mounting instructions.

Description5000 Litre Full Draining Tank
Dry Weight225 kg
Height1700 mm
Width1700 mm
Length2640 mm
Lid Size455mm Vented screw lid
Outlets2 x 2 inch BSPF in base
various others for return lines

Download drawing PDF