6000L Cone Bottom Tank

$5,148.00 — $9,031.00

Product is still in Development, Pricing to come, Due for release April 2013

Ideal for mixing or batching solutions, the conical bottom offers complete drainage.  As used for fertigation, the making of Bio-Diesel, ideal tank for dosing and pre-mixing of Spray Chemical (liquid and granular) prior to filling sprayer.  Also can be used for brewing , commercial and industrial applications

Key Benefits

  • Tanks are fully calibrated
  • 100% Total drainage
  • Natural in colour
  • Mounting bolts
  • Quality breathable lid  – completely open top with no lid or cover
  • All the tanks are made from food grade material
  • The cone bottom tanks are all suitable for other uses besides liquids
  • Most of the Cone bottom tanks have no outlet, this allows you to fit the required size fitting (anti-vortex) to the tanks for complete drainage.
  • Optional stand available here
  • Fittings and Pumps if Pictured are not included but can be supplied

Download PDF drawing here


CodeSP6000CB - SP6000CBO
Description6000 Litre Cone Bottom Tank
Dry Weight350kg
Height2013mm - with lid
1786mm - Open top
Width / Diam2400mm
Lid Size455mm Lid - Sealed or Vented or Completely open top
OutletsBlank, Skin Fitting or Anti-Vortex required