Nitro N50 ET70 Petrol Driven Chemical Transfer Pump Self Priming


The Nitro N50-ET70 is an excellent 2″inch chemical transfer pump for all your general chemical transfer needs. Suitable for pumping Flexi-N-Chemicals, the Nitro N50-ET70 is made from glass reinforced thermoplastic polyester polypropylene and ryton to resist the aggressive and corrosive affects from the attack of Chemicals,Water,Sewage or Salt Water.

The Nitro N50-ET70 is powered by a high quality EuroTec 7hp gasoline engine fitted with Japanese ignition system, spark plugs,bearings and a low oil safety shut down.

The Pump is a 2″inch Pump inlet/outlet complete Viton Elastomers and Carbon Ceramic Mechanical seal. The option of having EPDM or Buna is also available.

The Nitro N50 ET70 has a max head of 40 metres with a flow of 760 Litres per minute at a max pressure of 58PSI.

The pump is often used in Argricultural, Marine, Government, Industrial and Mining to name a few.