UNI 125


125 Litre Universal Tank

  • 920mm x 600mm x 250mm

Camper Trailers, Caravans, Bus, Boats, 4WDs, Trucks, Vans
Use For Diesel, Drinking Water, Grey and Black waste Also can be used in many industrial applications. Universal tanks can be used to store and cart any type of liquid and are ideal for the caravan, camper and boat. Manufactured from tank grade polyethylene, makes these tanks suitable for drinking water. These tanks can be sat or mounted on any edge. so when you are looking at the dimensions keep this in mind.

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Quality one piece construction
Food grade polyethylene
UV resistant Suitable for water, waste or chemical
Standard inlet & outlet threads
Available in Diesel grade material

Rota Moulding can also Tap a thread (as pictured below) anywhere in the tank as required

Please note:
These dimensions can be plus or minus 1%.
If you need to fit into an exact space, please call us and we can measure one specifically.
These tanks must be supported or strapped adequately.
These tanks must not be pressurized
These tanks are not suited for petrol or dangerous goods