Acceptance of our invoices automatically constitutes acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions of Trading.

1. Terms and Conditions of Trading are cash on delivery unless otherwise specified by the management.

2. Ownership of all property remains that of the vendor until payment and in the event of default the vendor retains title. The purchaser grants to the vendor the absolute right to come on the premises wheresoever the property is situated for the purpose of reclaiming the vendor’s property.

3. If the customer defaults in payment then all monies owing to the supplier shall be immediately due and payable and:-

“a” The debt will be subject to collection charges which will Ipso Facto be added to the account and interest at the rate under section 32 of the Supreme Court Act 1932 will be claimed up to and including the date on which the debt is paid in full.

“b” All expenses incurred by the supplier in recovering the monies due inclusive of Solicitor’s charges, debt collectors fees and disbursements, any costs or charges in relation to security documents and any fees on dishonour shall be a debt due and owing by the customer.

4. The supplier will make every reasonable effort to ensure the best quality available at the time, correct operation of the devices(s) supplied, fitted or repaired but is hereby indemnified from any responsibility for any damage caused in any way by other devices(s) which are in any way operating in conjunction, which may not be in sound operating condition.