Custom Moulding

Rota Moulding has over 35 years  experience in custom moulding quality products for our clients

The list of products we produce for organisations across Australia includes:
Playground equipment, kayaks, electrical boxes, silo vents, pool filters and tubs for the mining industries, just to name a few.

Rota Moulding can assist you in the design of the product and then manufacture the mould in our extensive metal workshop or arrange a cast mould to be made. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products at a competitive price with full confidentiality guaranteed.

For all enquiries on Custom Moulding
Phone Wayne on (08) 9250 1125 or contact us.


Custom Rotational Moulding is not for the “one-off” production of a tank or product. If you are looking for a tank to fit a certain size or certain capacity enquire with a plastic fabricator who can make it out of a sheet of plastic.